Michigan Stadium Dedication Day


Source: Bentley Historical Library

Source: Bentley Historical Library



October 22, 1927:  “A record crowd of 84,401 was on hand for the dedication ceremonies. Among those in attendance on Dedication Day were "Bennie" and "Biff" the two live wolverine mascots Fielding Yost had acquired after a long search.”


87 years later, with the use of the latest 3D-printing technology, Bennie & Biff return as a pair of fine cufflinks, for the Ultimate Michigan Man.

We adapted our integrated design philosophy, which was used to create the timepieces, to create a truly special pair of cufflinks. Each wolverine is captured in the Face of the cufflink. The Back highlights the Michigan Stadium, and the Link is how we express our love of Michigan.

Design Anatomy copy.jpg

3D Printing, Two Ways


Lost Wax Casting
(Silver & Brass)

Step 1: 3D print a high resolution model of each cufflink in wax

 Step 2: Create mold with liquid plaster, allow plaster to set around wax model

Step 3: Pour in molten silver or brass into plaster mold, wax model will melt away

Step 4: Once cooled, break away plaster to reveal cufflinks in silver or brass

Step 5: Inspect and clean each cufflink

Step 6: Polish and/or plate each cufflink to achieve the desired finish


Step 1: Use a custom 3D printer to deposit tiny drops of a specially formulated adhesive onto layers of stainless steel powder – layer by layer

Step 2: Carefully remove fragile model (breakaway) and allow model to cure

Step 3: Infuse model (sintering) with bronze at a temperature hotter than 2500F, replaces adhesive and transforms into a 100% metal product

Step 4: Inspect and clean each cufflink

Step 5: Spray with sealant