It's Great to be a Michigan Wolverine

There are few experiences in life that truly evoke the deepest of emotions and create the fondest of memories.  For some, it’s the first time entering The Big House, for others it’s the first time meeting their future lifelong friends, and for others it’s those lucid moments of self-discovery and self-reflection.  

Being a member of the University of Michigan class of 1994, I couldn’t be more proud to wear The Game Changer, infused with school spirit as it is. It looks great on the wrist, is comfortable and masculine with a 41 mm diameter, and is thoughtfully designed and well crafted. It is my football Saturday watch.
— Bill Lind, Swiss watch industry expert and moderator on, an online community for serious watch aficionados

The Michigan experience is perpetual. It creates a diverse group of leaders who aspire to be the best. It creates a base of Wolverines who share an everlasting and uncompromising pride for Michigan. A Michigan Wolverine is indebted to the past and faithful to the future.

MaraWatch has created a timepiece that understands and reflects all this. The limited edition pieces in the Wolverine Collection – the Game Changer, the Rainmaker and the Risk Taker – capture the essence of the Michigan experience, from “Maize and Blue” delicately engraved on the inner ring of the bezel to a caseback design inspired by an aerial view of The Big House. Each timepiece is a modern heirloom, one worthy of the legacy of its owner. To wear a MaraWatch timepiece is to wear your passion for the University of Michigan.

The Wolverines Collection is produced in extremely limited quantities to uphold the long-standing practices used by master Swiss watchmakers. The level of craftsmanship required to create each individually numbered timepiece will appeal to the discerning individual – one who longs for something made with integrity, something made to last.

Please explore the timepieces on this site and do not hesitate to reach out. You can also see the timepieces in person if you are in town before a game. Contact us for details!