Testimonials from Michigan Timekeepers


My wife and I were in search of that most often elusive perfect gift for our son’s graduation. We were thrilled when we found the Game Changer. First of all, our family loves Michigan! We knew our son would cherish this one of a kind timepiece. After we spoke with Shashi and learned about his passion (obsession!) for all things timepiece related, we began to fully appreciate what a special watch this truly is. It is the crème de la crème of timepieces. No detail has been overlooked. One of the few times in my life where I feel like I found the perfect gift!
— Philanthropist, CEO (BBA ’86)
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Wrist-shot courtesy of Timekeeper

Wrist-shot courtesy of Timekeeper

I met Mr. Mara at the MDen after my graduation. I have a small collection of watches (Shinola, Tag Heuer, Corum) that is constantly increasing. I had been looking for something to commemorate the end of my Masters program and reward myself for the hard work. My Risk Taker gives me a sense of pride knowing I am only one of eight in the world with this exact watch. I always feel like I have a piece of Michigan with me when I wear it. It reminds me of my connection to the school and the great memories I have from the program. I love the fact that I can wear a watch featuring the Block M in a professional setting, especially with a suit. It has a masculine yet elegant look. Mr. Mara has been able to perfectly mesh the traditions of Michigan with the craftsmanship and style of the more expensive Swiss made brands of today. I will say that Mr. Mara did not take any short cuts in his presentation or his service of the watch. I was very impressed when it was delivered. The travel kit is a very nice feature that I use every time I travel. I am excited to see how future versions of MaraWatch timepieces will look.
— Sales Executive, Medical Devices Start-up (Executive MBA ’13)

From jackets, jerseys, and sweatshirts to blazers, ties, and cufflinks, I have enough Michigan apparel to satisfy the most ardent Michigan fan. But as a corporate lawyer, Michigan logo apparel usually isn’t appropriate at work, whether I’m in the courtroom or the boardroom. Even if I’m the only one who knows I’m wearing a Michigan watch, the understated elements in my Rainmaker allow me to maintain my Maize and Blue connection in any business setting. I love the tiny block M’s covering the face or the MAIZEANDBLUE at each of the 12 hour positions. A real bonus is the way Shashi has and will create watch bands to suit you specifically. I own several bespoke straps and can quickly change them based on what I am wearing. I have several other high end watches (I’ll keep the brands anonymous but everyone knows their excellent reputations), and my MaraWatch is the most accurate watch I’ve ever owned.
— Partner, Global Law Firm (BS ‘76, JD ’79)
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I’ve always wanted a Michigan watch, but I could never find a high quality watch. When I met Shashi at a class reunion we connected through a shared passion for watches. I was very impressed by the workmanship and the aesthetics of his watches. The Game Changer fits right in with the other special pieces in my collection (A. Lange Sohne, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai). My favorite parts about the Game Changer is the blue face (which is hard to find in high end watches) and of course the Maize and Blue alligator band! My best Michigan memory has to be game day and there’s nothing like a football Saturday in Ann Arbor. I can’t wait to sport this watch at the next Michigan game I attend.
— Practicing Physician (BA '83, MD '87)

I wanted to purchase something special to mark a promotion that was a huge step in my career. I decided on a watch - something I could have forever and would always be in style. The unique, classic, and timeless design immediately caught my eye. I’ll be honest - I was looking at all kinds of watches that most people do. Omega, IWC, JLC, Zenith, and the likes. I figure those watches and brands will always be there. They’ll continue cranking out thousands upon thousands in their plants for years to come. This was a chance to have something unique that only I wear - and not something I would find at every local mall.
— VP, Global Financial Institution (BSE '05, MBA '10)
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The watch is as much a conversation piece as it is a way to tell time. Just about every time that I’m wearing the watch and meet another Michigan grad, they will ask about it. And then say, my god and I want one for myself. Thanks to my very different bands, I’m able to cross many different boundaries when I wear it. I can class it up using the Alligator or Hermes leather straps and wear it with a suit to put together the whole package. Or I can wear it to the sports bar when I’ve got the Maize and Blue strap attached. When I’m wearing it, I love that no matter what, if a Michigan fan even slightly notices it, they’ll always ask about it. Plus people don’t tend to forget about it once we’ve talked.
— Sr. Software Engineer, Technical Lead (BSE '08)

I had previously seen the MaraWatch timepieces advertised on MGoBlog and Shashi’s story in the Ross Dividend Magazine. Of the 115,108 other people attending the Notre Dame (Under the Lights II) game, I ended up sitting next to Shashi. He complimented my Panerai during halftime. We struck up a conversation around our mutual interest in fine and interesting timepieces and agreed to meet the next time he was in New York. The rest is history, I could not be happier with my Rainmaker. I love that I can wear this timepiece to a game or with a suit.  It provides a subtle connection to Michigan and Ann Arbor no matter where I am or what I may be doing.
— Principal, Private Equity (BBA '06)
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I feel like I have an uncle in the watch business. Shashi Mara is not only passionate about his watches, but also with providing exemplary customer service. I have looked for the right watch for years and this MaraWatch finally met my criteria of design and performance. Go Blue!
— CFO, Turnaround Strategy (BBA '76)

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