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MaraWatch for a Cause (December 2013) - ...MaraWatch is doing a very nice thing. At Michigan, just having a great football team isn't enough; we also expect that team to be out there making the world a better place... (link)

Author: Seth Fisher,

Wearing the Game Changer (December 2013) - ...Many of you know this season I got to test drive [a Game Changer timepiece]...throughout the season I fielded compliments heading into the stadium, on the field by alums, and even up in the press box by my media buds. I also got to know the man behind the operation, Shashi Mara. The dude has a great story and an intense passion for his product—down to the finish on the underside of the buckles. I love it... (link)

Author: Greg Dooley,

MaraWatch for The University of Michigan: A New Watchmaking Concept (October 2012) - ...Being a member of the Univeristy of Michigan class of 1994, I couldn’t be more proud to wear The Game Changer, infused with school spirit as it is. It looks great on the wrist, is comfortable and masculine with a 41 mm diameter, and is thoughtfully designed and well crafted.... (link)

Author: Bill Lind, Swiss watch industry expert and Vacheron Constantin Moderator on (a global, online community for serious watch aficionados). Mr. Lind hails from Newton, MA and is the watch expert at Royal Jewelers. He regularly travels to Switzerland to visit with the top brands and independent watchmakers. A Michigan alumnus ('94), Mr. Lind's passion for Michigan is as strong as his passion for fine timepieces.

U-M Watches (January 2013) - As a Michigan graduate and lover of quality watches, I know that I would love to get my hands on one... (link)

Author: Dylan Burkhardt, owner, is a fellow Michigan Wolverine. He founded UMHoops, the leading independent publisher of Michigan basketball coverage featuring news, recruiting information, interview, multimedia features, analysis and commentary that you won’t find anywhere else. UMHoops was the first independent basketball blog to receive full season media credentials to cover Michigan basketball.

MaraWatch and the Wolverines Collection (December 2012) - I’d like to welcome new sponsor MaraWatch, an officially U-M licensed premium timepiece collection available to browse at  My favorite?  The Rainmaker but I need it with the black strap...  (link)

Author: Greg Dooley, owner, is a Michigan graduate, football and hockey season ticket holder, Victors Club member, and a lifetime Alumni Club member. MVictors explores Michigan athletics history and the culture surrounding the games, fans, players, coaches of U-M athletics. Greg started writing and posting about Michigan football in 2001 and launched the Michigan football content on MVictors during the 2006 season. 

Unverified Voracity (October 2012) - I get a lot of emails from lawyers and guys with three letter acronym jobs, because it's the internet, where lawyers and blankEOs are everywhere. I assume some of you are big ballers. This Is Michigan, after all, the kind of school that spits out big ballers left and right, often from Ross.  (link)

Author: Brian Cook, Editor in Chief, MGoBlog.  Brian is a 30-ish Michigan true believer whose grandfather ushered at Ferry Field and bought season tickets in the 1950s, when not even the player's parents bothered to show up except for Ohio State. Those tickets have stayed in the family since and, yes, they are frickin' sweet.