Warranty and Service Information


The MaraWatch warranty is valid for three years from the date of delivery and covers all manufacturing defects.

The limited warranty does not cover: 

  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Damage from mishaps (i.e., dropping), mishandling, or negligence;
  • Damage from exposure to water, chlorine, oils, solvents and cleaning products or cosmetics;
  • Damage from service or repair performed by an unauthorized party;
  • Damage occurring outside the 3-year warranty period
  • Watch packaging; or
  • Loss or theft.

Please note that variations are expected with each custom strap because they are handmade using natural materials.


MaraWatch is proud to service and repair your timepiece. Please email us at info@marawatch.com to explain the issue and we will provide guidance on how to proceed. Typically, the watch will need to be shipped to us for a comprehensive examination by one of our expert watchmakers. The watchmaker will provide a quotation and an estimated date of return. We will commence service of your timepiece with your permission.